Our Mission

to provide a clean, comfortable, and distraction-free working environment where individuals and small groups can focus on their goals and objectives.

Our Vision

to support our community and its citizens by being a place of learning, study, and focus.  We see ourselves providing an essential service in Ephraim now and in the bright and growing future.

Our Space

brings the best elements of working from home and leaves behind the parts that hinder our productivity the most.  The Workspace has been carefully thought out and arranged so visitors can achieve their personal goals in the most optimized and comfortable way possible.

Our Team

We are Jon Burgoyne and Kristin Hood.  Jon is a software developer and has been working remotely since 2016.  Kristin is a writer and voracious reader.  Together they have two young children who make it just the tiniest bit difficult to work distraction-free at home.

In 2018, with the freedom to move wherever we wished with no location constraints, we relocated our family to Ephraim, Utah.  We absolutely love this special place and understand why others are making the same decision we did to work remotely in Sanpete County!  We hope to offer a workspace where individuals feel they can be productive or collaborate with others while still enjoying the benefits of working from home.

Ben is an internet entrepreneur and has been working remotely on and off since 2011. When Covid shut the big cities down, he and his wife decided to move their 4 boys to the amazingly open city of Ephraim. Ben has a long history of co-working from joining his first space in 2011 to co-founding the first space for student startups at the University of Colorado CU called Spark Boulder, which went on to host 50+ events with 3000+ attendees and helped 200+ students start companies, find startup jobs, and get connected to the local business community. 

After deciding to move to Ephraim, Ben looked for a co-working space to join, but couldn’t find one. That is when he met Jon and Kristin and started working together to bring the first co-working space to the Sanpete Valley.